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3x3 HDMI Videowall Controller
SX-VW03 is 4K videowall controller which create a 3x3 videwall from one of four sources: Type-C, VGA, DP & HDMI. Cascading up to max 10x10 videowall. It support resolution up to 4K@30HZ and Audio extraction
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Key Features
  • Customized Service Available
  • Three Years Warranty
  • Certified by CE/FCC
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Product Details
Key Features 1.1x Type-c/VGA/DP/HDMI input to split 9x HDMI Outputs 2.Support resolution up to 4K30HZ 4:4:4 with 2 default EDID options: 4K &1080p 3.Support 4K 3x3 video wall, cascading to create 3x4,4x5, 5X6,and max 10x10 video wall 4.Support HDCP2.2/1.4 compliant 5.Support panel button; IR remote; RS232 command and Web GUI to control 6.Support SPDIF and Analog audio extraction 7.Support third-party platform control via RS232 port or Lan Box Contents 1x SX-VW03 2x Mounting ear 1x 24V/2A DC Power Suppy 1x Remote Control 1x CD user manual
Video Input Connectors1 x HDMI; 1x Type-C; 1x DP; 1x VGA
Video Output Connectors10 x HDMI Type A, 19-pin, female
Audio Output Connectors1x SPDIF; 1x analogue 3.5 mm stereo jack
TCP/IP Control1 x RJ45, female
RS-232 Serial Port1 x DB-9 female
Dimensions438x 274x 44 mm
Shipping weight5.5kg
Operating Temperature-5 to +40°C(23 to +104 °F)
Operating Humidity5 to 90 % RH (no condensation)
Power Supply24V2A
Casing MateriaIron
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